Show Horse Training, particularly the training of the American Saddlebred, is at the heart of the Glendale Stables operation. We pride ourselves on providing our horses and riders with individualized attention in a focused, goal-oriented program geared toward maximizing their potential as a team.


We give attention to every detail and small step along the way, creating building blocks to develop a successful riding and showing experience.


Horses in training at Glendale range from prospects to seasoned show horses and from Amateur to Open horses. We also place a strong focus on Equitation and Hackney ponies. 

573-814-1152 barn

314-565-5582 cell

4550 N. Glendale Dr. 

Columbia, MO 65202

4550 N. Glendale Dr. • Columbia, MO 65202

Glendale Stables

Columbia, MO